Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random cooking spree

Today I decided I wanted to make dinner and I made a baked fish with some rosemary potato wedges. The fish was really flavorful and nice.
I marinated it with lime, a bit of mayonnaise(like half a teaspoon per fish), chilli powder, parsley, pepper and salt. Then I coated it with breadcrumbs and drizzled a mixture of olive oil and butter and baked it. 

The rosemary potatoes are really simple and I used olive oil, dried rosemary, a hint of garlic powder and salt and pepper.
I also made some paneer tikka in the evening for which I used ready to use paneer and marinated it with thick yoghurt, a dash of tomato ketchup, chilli power, garam masala and salt and baked it with a bit of olive oil. 

Hope you all enjoyed these low quality amateur cooking photos! 

1 comment:

Marsha said...

super job! love your wedges! and the little basket they're in! they look so yummy and nicely presented too!

and the fish too! i LOVE fish...

i am not a very big paneer fan but it looks very appetizing & i'm sure your family loved it :) love the green chillies on the side...