Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blind date

As many of you might know I went to Delhi last month. One of the highlights of my trip was meeting a "friend" I met on Facebook! Some people called it my blind date. Let me tell you the story of my blind date that wasn't nerve- racking, uncomfortable or disastrous.
It all began in 2008 when I was planning to go to Glasgow to do my Masters in HRM. I joined the University of Glasgow 2008-2009 group on Facebook and in one of the discussions met another girl from India who was planning to come to study. We soon took our chats out of facebook and into gtalk and found out we had lots in common and she was a lot like my sister. She lived in Delhi (not common), single, Tamil, Christian, odd quirks, love for food, had a sister etc.  I was super excited she was going to Glasgow as well and told my own sister that i'm going to have another sister in Glasgow. This girl, promised to make me cinnamon pork and go on long walks with me. We also vowed to be each others wing women! I was really excited! But things don't always go according to plan so she didn't come to Glasgow finally but we still kept it touch and I even met one of her weird Scottish friends in Glasgow!
So December 2010, I was talking to a long lost cousin of mine who lives in Delhi at Madras about my visit to Delhi and how I have a friend there who I'm going to meet and turns out they know each other too, small world. And then people asked me how I know said girl.. a very mumbled reply came from me...facebook... I was teased for being a stalker, a creep etc. Anyway, in February I go to Delhi and get ready for my blind date with a girl who I've known for more than 2 years but never met and it went just fine. It didn't even feel like we were meeting for the first time. And surprisingly she ended up coming to Nagercoil a week after I got back. What are the odds? So here's to Rina, a friend met in quite an unconventional way and proof that Facebook can help you make real friends :)


Marsha said...

good for you, gitu! you are lucky that rina turned out to be a nice normal, Tamil, Christian, single girl & not a not-so-nice, hairy, fat, sweaty, very single man pretending to be a nice, normal, Tamil, Christian, single girl on facebook!

ummm... very complicated looking sentence. sorry!

Clover said...

hahahaha!! yes, I am very lucky indeed!