Sunday, January 16, 2011


A few minutes into the New Year 2011, while most of the World was out there partying and getting drunk and celebrating and welcoming the New year, a small group of people went to welcome the New Year by worshipping at a church in Alexandria. It would be the last thing they did on this Earth as they were murdered heartlessly. They were bombed and the explosion resulted in scattered limbs and car parts. Normally I would consider these things something that probably happens on a regular basis in the Middle East but this year it became more personal when I went through the Facebook page of one of the girls who was martyred. This was her status message before she went to church
"2010 is over, this year had the best memories of my life, really enjoyed living this year, i hope 2011 is much better, i have so many wishes in 2011, hope they come true, please God stay beside me & help make it all true"
For some reason, this struck me so bad. I mean, she was just like us. She had friends, a job, school, family, Facebook! And then she is killed for one reason, being a Christian.
The massacre has been blamed on the Muslims by some, the Jews by others and I read somewhere it's the Christians who planned it so others can blame the Muslims and the same thing I read about the Jews. This is crazy! What is wrong with our World?!! Muslims and Jews, stupid half brothers who can't get over a piece of land? Well, at the end of the day, it all comes to that- Israel. What WOULD be the right thing to do? Kick out all the Jews back to Poland and New York and bring back the Palestinians? Or send out all the Palestinians and keep Israel as however God said the Holy land would be? Both don't seem right, both don't seem humane. Most people would say sending the Jews out would make sense as the Palestinians lived in Israel for 2000 years so surely, it must belong to them. But then the Jews can say, well, God gave the land to our father Abraham, we lived there, worshipped there till we were exiled. Then the Arabs could say Abraham was our father too. Nothing seems to be okay, does it? I know this shouldn't concern me but for some reason, it does. I don't think oh they're jews and arabs, I'm Indian why should I care? I think they are people, my people, what can I do?
So much killing in the name of God. In Pakistan, in Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, India, America, Scotland, England, Russia, China, Iran, and so many many other countries. It doesn't seem right! Killing in the name of God, it sounds blasphemous! Christianity says God is love, it says love your enemies, Judaism says Love your neighbours as yourself, my muslim friends tell me Islam teaches peace too and that the terrorists are mental, and we can't imagine Budda with a gun. So what is wrong with the followers of "God"? If God is love, shouldn't we be followers of Love? Yes, i'm a hippie.