Tuesday, February 13, 2007

valentines day blues!

Its V-day tomorrow!And Steph G can't help but think of all the lovers out there planning their special day together.But there's also this nagging thought that screams "WHAT ABOUT ME???"When Steph G was younger she used to celebrate valentines day with her friends,get them cards and all that.And the first time "a boy" gave her a flower,she was so embarrased..she stuffed it into her bag and later tore it and threw it out.Yes,she was a disturbed child who found attention rather over whelming(I bet you all are thinking,"that poor rose!").But she was young then and young girls are quite stupid at times.Things dont change much when they grow up!
Ok,back to tomorrow..Steph G actually has two valentines!Technically that's true cause 2 guys have asked her and she,uh..said yes...to both!But that's only because she's a good person and she cannot bear to hurt someone's feelings.And they're both good guys..but there's the problem of choosing!One of them is a really sweet guy who'll be the perfect boyfriend.The other,a wild guy who knows to have fun.Steph G is torn.She can't make up her mind.And it always ends up with the same question,"WHY ME?"...
p.s :Any suggestion as to whom Steph G should choose?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

steph G is not my alter ego

This is to let all of you know that steph G is not me.She is not "an imaginary clone" as someone put it.I'm sure some of you think it's me cause i mentioned she has an older sister but please..there are millions of girls out there who have bigger sisters.I would like to mention however that Steph G is a combination of many many people i know.So that's why i said stories involving her are "quite" fictional.
Before i started blogging about Steph Girl i had so many stories but now i'm quite blank.But dont worry,she's quite a handful so i'll have plenty of stories coming up.Or so i wish.