Friday, March 23, 2007

steph G's one true love

As some of may know,Steph G has not exactly been very lucky in love.It could be because of many different weird creepy boys from the past,weird clingy girls from the past,someone not meeting all her 101 criteria,phobia of commitment etc etc.But there is one big reason why...Steph G is still waiting for the man of her dreams.And i mean that literally.When Steph G was young(she is still young though) she had dreams of this one guy.The same guy.Recurring dreams.He was perfect.She didnt really get to see what he looked like in her dreams but Steph G was sure he was gorgeous(come on,all dream guys are hot!).Steph knew one thing..his name..and it was Ben de jong.He was dutch.So while Steph G spent ages of her youth dreaming of Ben,she wrote this poem for him:
Hoping and praying we'd be together someday,
Please Ben,please come my way.
These dreams don't seem to stop,do they?
But i know this is real and not a play.
A part of me has a feeling that you
Feel the same way too.
If the Lord above wishes,
Together forever is what it is.
I don't know Ben,i'm confused,
But i know no one is to be accused
For who and what you are is inside my mind,
I wish i could leave my dreams behind.
I'm a little pebble lost at sea
Pick me up,Ben,let me be
With you life goes beyond,
And i think i love you Ben de jong.

if you think this is corny,remember something,Steph was really young when she wrote this.
And if you think you or someone you know could be Ben de jong,get back..i'll let her know.