Thursday, May 31, 2007

dancing cow

This is a video i took of the cow on anju's table.Its dancing!!But at times it looks like its having the fits or some sort of demon possession!

I have a lot of free time on my hands now and i dont feel like doing anything useful!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

either gay or married

I have to write this!i do not want anyone asking me anything but i have to say what's on my mind!!
Why is it that anyone i really like is ,well ,unavailable?Take my first love,Stephen gately..ok so he's a celebrity and all but i was young and i really really liked him.And i was quite stupid then(i was young remember) and thought one day he would come for me.I also had this another stupid crush on someone in school(i forgot who it was!) but then found out he liked someone else and i was not upset cos i knew i have Steve and he would come for me(i think i read too many corny love stories back then).But Steve had to have gone and spoilt it all by coming out!"I'm gay and in love"....ahhhhh!!!How those words hurt me then.It was june 16 1999 when he came out but i knew only on june 17 1999(rashmi's birthday).I think i cried for like 3 days and i tore up some of his posters.I was a little crazy then.Then i went to another extreme and started liking Steve's then boyfriend Eloy de jong as well!And i was very happy for them as a couple and was quite upset when they broke up.After a while i just stopped caring for Steve and his gay life!I do like him cos he was after all my first true love and he is after all VERY hot!And for anyone who cares,he's "married" his partner Andy cowles.
Well i never REALLY liked anyone after that but had the random crushes like everyone else..But there was someone i liked.I'm NOT saying who!I don't even know why i liked him but i did.You do not know who he is so please don't ask me.Well i found out today that he's married!!It was quite a shock and im a bit sad.Waaahh! And he didnt even tell me that he's married i found out through someone else. Life can sometime be really mean!
And that saying,"they're either gay or married".....well it is SO true!Trust me on this one!


Imagine you're planning this picnic or a trip.You've decided the dates.You've got your tickets.You have your perfect outfit for it.And you can't wait.But then you just have one tiny haven't asked your parents!I know that sounds childish,asking your parents permission and all.But imagine you're still living with them and depend on them.So finally you ask your parents and they say no.Point blank.End of story.
Its a horrible feeling.That's how i feel now.Well i wasn't planning a trip or anything but something similar.
I always thought i'd let my parents choose my every step and it would be the best.And you know what that thought is starting to come back but i feel miserable.
I thought for once i could do something for me,something that i want to but guess that's not what's in store for me.
Parents know best.I've heard that enough times now,i guess i should just go ahead and beleive it.And that way i don't have to think for myself.Easy.
I'm in quite a depressed mood now so excuse my sorry post.

Monday, May 14, 2007

the perfect man (part 2)

Here's part 2 of the not so awaited sequel of the perfect man.

So Nathan leaves town and Steph G goes home.It shouldn't be a problem.It'll be fine.So what we don't live near each other.This is what steph g thought.
And it wasn't really a problem,they spoke to each other,they sent text messages to each other and there always yahoo messanger!
Meanwhile Steph G met another guy who was really nice but Steph G is a one man women so she considered this other guy as nothing more than a friend cause she had Nate and he was her mr.perfect.
So what this other guy lives near by,he's sweet,funny and,it doesn't matter.He was not Nathan.
But then,Nathan stopped calling,he texted her like once in a technicolored moon.Apparantly he was "too busy".
And Steph G made it very clear to the other guy she was not interested so now there was no Nate and no other guy.
Steph G had learn her story.
There was no mr.perfect.He does not exist in the real world.
Steph G has something to say:

"All you ladies listen if you ever have the chance to run into your definition of that perfect man,please be blinded by how fine the man is and miss the chance that you might have or you'll never get to be with any other man".

This is a slight modification of the Destiny's child song "perfect man" which says:

"All you ladies listening if you ever have the chance To run into your definition of that perfect man Don't be blinded by how fine the man is And miss the chance that might be your last Make him understand that he's your perfect man"

Steph G and her friends used to beleive in that song when they were young but now that she lost someone that could have been the one because she was running after the perfect man,she doesn't have anyone now!
So listen up and learn from her!

college over!

I cannot believe this day would come so soon!Ever since we joined college me and my friends used to talk about how we couldnt wait to leave and now that we've left i can't beleive how hard it is to say goodbye.

On may 11th our final year final semester exams got over and it didn't really sink in at first but then my all my friends except Nive,Muneera and Narkis came to stay over and i actually stayed awake and it was so sad...we might never see each other again!Then the next day we stayed over in Nive's and i left that night but heard there were a LOT of tears the next morning.And i was in church that morning and we were singing and i was thinking about all of us and i started crying..if people saw me they probably thought i was so into worship that i'm crying! we go on,we remember all the times we had together...and as our lives changes...we will still be friends forever... amen!

I'm going to really miss you guys!

Friday, May 04, 2007

the perfect man(part1)

I just realized something...people are more interested in Steph G than they are about me.It is rather sad.

Anyway Steph G has another story(ooh joy!!)but this is a moral story so im sure all my immoral friends out there(like all of you!)would'nt like it.But sit back,you might learn a thing or two.

Two years ago Steph G's grandmother was really sick and was in the hospital for around two months.It was a really tough time for the entire G family as they didnt know if they would see their mother/grandmother ever again.Steph G being a dutiful granddaughter spent a lot of time in the hospital.There,she met this guy called Nathan whose grandmother was also sick!While waiting in the waiting room,they both started talking(he started) and since they both were going through the same thing,they comforted each other.

Steph G then realised there was no point thinking about Ben De Jong well cause he was fictional after all!

And Nathan seemed perfect in every way!Maybe he was her Ben de jong!so what he was not dutch,so what he did'nt have blue eyes?He was still the perfect guy in every other way!

After sometime,Steph G's grandmother got better and so did Nathan's.And they had to leave the hospital.Sadly,Nathan did not live in the same city as where Steph G lived.But Steph G did not think that would be a problem.

[end of part 1]

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

goodbye crescent

****This post is boring but its for my memories so one day when i have alzheimers(whats the spelling again?) i can read through this,that is if i remember my user name and password****

I've got exactly 8 days till i finsih college.This is the day i've been waiting for ever since i joined college and i still remember all of us saying oh we cant wait for these 4 years to get over and now that it is,it doesnt seem like such a big deal.I've probably had more bad times than good times in college(exams twice a year is BAD) but now i'm just thinking of all the good times we had and hostel and how i think i actually might miss crescent quite a bit!i'm gonna miss "us" for sure.Half or more than half of us have different "us"es now(the whole marriage and engaged thing).
Joining crescent seems like it just happened and yet it feels like a lifetime.I'll still remember the first time we went to meet shameem banu and i came home crying cos she made hostel look worse than the taliban.The time i came to write the entrance exam with my dad and after i finished the exam and we got ready to leave my dad said,"take a good look at this college cos this is the last time you'll be seeing it". and when i was checking out a bunch of hot guys(where did they gO??cause after i did join i never found them!) my dad said,"they have boys in NI (noorul islam,where everyone including me thought i would join) too!"*cringe*
Well my dad was wrong cos i did join Crescent,well now its B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent engineering college but crescent sounds better.And i remember day one so well cos i hated it.The only thing that kept me on was hostel cos i loved my friends there!I'm gonna miss you guys so much.But hostel got annoying in the second year with the never ending rules and blah blahs and i left hostel on the day of impulse '05.I'm glad i did.I have good memories of hostel now,dont know if i still would if i continued staying there.
The best semester:1st
The worst semester:3rd and 4th and 8th
8th semester!project!Oh no!that was the most depressing time ever!im so so glad thats over!thank GOD!
There's so much i want to write about hostel and college.I'll do it someday.
Good bye Crescent!