Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy New year!

Hello, I know i'm a month late but I must have been busy or something. I don't think i'm very good at this writing thing. Back home, I wrote quite often in my diary but I checked it recentlt and the last time i wrote was in September.. which now seems ages ago yet also like now. Did i just make sense?
I feel my time in Glasgow is fastly coming to an end. Which makes me sad. So many friends to leave. So many bonds which may break. But I pray all goes well.
Apparently in England last week or so, there was a seperated couple and the husband stabbed the wife to death cause she changed her facebook status from married to single. How freaky is that??
It snowed a lot today. It looked so pretty. I was in my room so i didn't feel the cold but i loved looking outside and watch the snow fall.
I hope everyone has a great year and has many brilliant "blog" ideas.