Thursday, October 25, 2007

the champion!

I love this song by Carman!Take that satan!lol
our church did this play well!

My mermaid barbie

I visited my best friend in Pune last week and we were talking about the "old times" and the story we always talk about came up.It's the "Gitu wants the mermaid barbie" story.It happened when my friend went to America when we were about 10 years old.Before she left she asked me if i wanted anything and i told her i wanted the new mermaid barbie.Before she came back,i used to call her grandparents house every day and asked when she would come back because i really wanted that mermaid barbie!When i heard they were back home,i got all dressed up and went to their house not because i missed my friend and wanted to see her but because i really wanted that mermaid barbie!!And then my friend tells me,"Gitu i searched all over the States but i didn't find the mermaid barbie".I was so upset.Then she says,"But i found only one and i got it for myself".Well i don't really remember what happened but it seems her dad saw my face and he felt like crying cause i looked THAT sad!So he called my friend's uncle in the States and asked him to buy me one and i got my mermaid barbie atlast!
Kids can be evil..even if the kid happens to be your best friend...!
Oh and i still have my mermaid barbie!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

pay back time

Last week i started teaching the basics of computers to nursing students.Since its just the know how's of using computer(something i do everyday) it was easy for me as i didnt have to prepare much.Just what to teach each day and giving assignments.But after my 2nd day i knew how my teachers would have felt.There were 3 girls in the corner who didnt do anything they were asked to and had a blank look in their eyes when i taught(sounds familiar?).And i always thought i would be the "cool" teacher but i actually got super annoyed and told them off!And i "scolded" those who didnt do their assigments(ok,seriously how hard is it to do a word doc,a powerpoint presentation and an excel sheet?).Well thats been my week so far.Today i started teaching the 1st year students.Last week was 2nd years.Yes,i lead a boring life.

Friday, October 05, 2007

listen to this

Hey there Delilah-Plain white T's.

This is my favorite song right now..i cant stop listening to it!