Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My one and only, always and forever

I live with my parents in the house I grew up. Recently they built a new room for me upstairs so I had to move all my old things. I hadn't opened some of the drawers and boxes in years. And opening them, I felt I was 15 again. They were FULL of boyband magazines, smash hits, TV hits, TOTP, etc. And the majority was of course, Boyzone and Stephen Gately. I found print outs I made with pictures of Stephen Gately and Michael Jackson with the words "My favorite people in the world". I found old "questionnaires" I filled up and My favorite boy was Stephen Gately, my dream lover was Stephen Gately, my favorite singer was Stephen Gately, my current crush was Stephen gately with the words "my one and only, always and forever" in brackets, my aim in life was to meet Stephen Gately etc. Now Stephen Gately is dead. I wonder what that girl who I once was would do if she knew. Yesterday while clearing out, I felt like her and I was so upset, I had to keep reminding myself i'm not 15 or 16 anymore but I dreamt about him last night, something that hasn't happened in years. I did feel like I was 16 and still in school and still madly in love with a pop star. But I'm not.
 Tomorrow is St.Patrick's day and the 35th birthday of Steve if he was alive. I have had birthday parties for Steve when I was younger, I have given chocolates to friends in school for his birthday, I was what people would called mental!  So, for the girl I once was, I wish my one and only, always and forever a happy birthday.

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