Friday, March 18, 2011

Cute cupcakes

Yesterday my mother told me that the Church asked me to bake some cakes for their fund raising sale. And they wanted the regular good old yellow butter cake. I have a usual recipe that I normally make but today I decided to try this one and i tweaked it a bit, changing the 8 egg yolks to 2 full eggs and 4 yolks and I topped it off with a fluffy white frosting. This was the first time I was making a meringue type icing and while I would like liked it to have set more (have harder peaks) it was good and my sister liked it! This was a very random post but I was bored :D


Marsha said...

wow! these are so cute! perfect looking cupcakes! :)

you are a pro, gitu... even though you say you aren't... you are one of my favorite chefs! everything you make is yummy! :) i can testify to that!

Clover said...

Oh nooo Marsha, I'm not!! You are far too kind!!! But i shall keep trying!!! Thank you :D :D