Saturday, May 19, 2007


Imagine you're planning this picnic or a trip.You've decided the dates.You've got your tickets.You have your perfect outfit for it.And you can't wait.But then you just have one tiny haven't asked your parents!I know that sounds childish,asking your parents permission and all.But imagine you're still living with them and depend on them.So finally you ask your parents and they say no.Point blank.End of story.
Its a horrible feeling.That's how i feel now.Well i wasn't planning a trip or anything but something similar.
I always thought i'd let my parents choose my every step and it would be the best.And you know what that thought is starting to come back but i feel miserable.
I thought for once i could do something for me,something that i want to but guess that's not what's in store for me.
Parents know best.I've heard that enough times now,i guess i should just go ahead and beleive it.And that way i don't have to think for myself.Easy.
I'm in quite a depressed mood now so excuse my sorry post.


Anju said...

um, hello, you didn't really want to go, remember? you agreed without a fight and you were hoping they'd say no so you'd have an excuse!

cloverr said...

you bum,you really dont listen to me and my plans do you??this is not about pondy,its about DTS!

Anju said...

oh I see....ok. In that case, yes, I agree with you.