Saturday, May 19, 2007

either gay or married

I have to write this!i do not want anyone asking me anything but i have to say what's on my mind!!
Why is it that anyone i really like is ,well ,unavailable?Take my first love,Stephen gately..ok so he's a celebrity and all but i was young and i really really liked him.And i was quite stupid then(i was young remember) and thought one day he would come for me.I also had this another stupid crush on someone in school(i forgot who it was!) but then found out he liked someone else and i was not upset cos i knew i have Steve and he would come for me(i think i read too many corny love stories back then).But Steve had to have gone and spoilt it all by coming out!"I'm gay and in love"....ahhhhh!!!How those words hurt me then.It was june 16 1999 when he came out but i knew only on june 17 1999(rashmi's birthday).I think i cried for like 3 days and i tore up some of his posters.I was a little crazy then.Then i went to another extreme and started liking Steve's then boyfriend Eloy de jong as well!And i was very happy for them as a couple and was quite upset when they broke up.After a while i just stopped caring for Steve and his gay life!I do like him cos he was after all my first true love and he is after all VERY hot!And for anyone who cares,he's "married" his partner Andy cowles.
Well i never REALLY liked anyone after that but had the random crushes like everyone else..But there was someone i liked.I'm NOT saying who!I don't even know why i liked him but i did.You do not know who he is so please don't ask me.Well i found out today that he's married!!It was quite a shock and im a bit sad.Waaahh! And he didnt even tell me that he's married i found out through someone else. Life can sometime be really mean!
And that saying,"they're either gay or married".....well it is SO true!Trust me on this one!


Bungi said...

Now we know who Steph G and where Ben de Jong came from, don't we? :P

cloverr said...

heheh...well they had to be inspired by someone right?

Anju said...

I knew someone would figure that out after this post!
a) you still read corny love stories
b) I'm sure you remember who that guy in school you liked was
c)If people start thinking Steph G is from Stephen, isn't there a possiblity they will think Steph is actually a boy and in love with Ben? Maybe you should called her Stephie or Stephanie or something flowery like that
d) It's almost 10 years since that fateful day and yet we remember it more than we remember 9/11 or other big disasters

cloverr said...

im sure you think youre very funny right?
well steph G is a girl.her full name could be stephanie.i havent baptized her as yet,thanks for the idea :p
and it was a very tragic day,im sure you were secretly scared cos in your heart you gave steve looks of lust.

cloverr said...

and it doesnt matter whether i remember who that guy in school was

PMJohnson said...

lol...I remember all that drama!

Anju said...

I gave him looks of lust in my heart??? are you sure you're not confusing lust and disgust?
Maybe you should ask Rashmi to shift her birthday one day this way or that and rename this to "Stephen G tragedy" or "Gitu's heart shattered into a million pieces" day.

Rashmi said...

I remember the gay tragedy... It went " Haaappy bbbbbirthddday waaaa boooo hoooo hoooo steve's gay..."

cloverr said...

this post is NOT about the steve coming out tragedy!!!you guys are mad

Dolly said...

This is great info to know.