Wednesday, May 02, 2007

goodbye crescent

****This post is boring but its for my memories so one day when i have alzheimers(whats the spelling again?) i can read through this,that is if i remember my user name and password****

I've got exactly 8 days till i finsih college.This is the day i've been waiting for ever since i joined college and i still remember all of us saying oh we cant wait for these 4 years to get over and now that it is,it doesnt seem like such a big deal.I've probably had more bad times than good times in college(exams twice a year is BAD) but now i'm just thinking of all the good times we had and hostel and how i think i actually might miss crescent quite a bit!i'm gonna miss "us" for sure.Half or more than half of us have different "us"es now(the whole marriage and engaged thing).
Joining crescent seems like it just happened and yet it feels like a lifetime.I'll still remember the first time we went to meet shameem banu and i came home crying cos she made hostel look worse than the taliban.The time i came to write the entrance exam with my dad and after i finished the exam and we got ready to leave my dad said,"take a good look at this college cos this is the last time you'll be seeing it". and when i was checking out a bunch of hot guys(where did they gO??cause after i did join i never found them!) my dad said,"they have boys in NI (noorul islam,where everyone including me thought i would join) too!"*cringe*
Well my dad was wrong cos i did join Crescent,well now its B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent engineering college but crescent sounds better.And i remember day one so well cos i hated it.The only thing that kept me on was hostel cos i loved my friends there!I'm gonna miss you guys so much.But hostel got annoying in the second year with the never ending rules and blah blahs and i left hostel on the day of impulse '05.I'm glad i did.I have good memories of hostel now,dont know if i still would if i continued staying there.
The best semester:1st
The worst semester:3rd and 4th and 8th
8th semester!project!Oh no!that was the most depressing time ever!im so so glad thats over!thank GOD!
There's so much i want to write about hostel and college.I'll do it someday.
Good bye Crescent!


bungi said...

aw you poor thing... *hug* goodbyes are hard... always...

time flies, eh?

Neembu said...

well in a way after bein in touch wit u for couple of years..i know u wil coem up wit some blog like this..
so thought of adding few more incidents which wil never go out of ur mind..
Nat sayin "naa unne fail panuduve..come next semester",,"Idiot"(typical nat style),..n best one for whic u laugh again n again.."unnakku Tamil teriyumaa"

cloverr said...

why are you talking about nat here????