Monday, May 14, 2007

the perfect man (part 2)

Here's part 2 of the not so awaited sequel of the perfect man.

So Nathan leaves town and Steph G goes home.It shouldn't be a problem.It'll be fine.So what we don't live near each other.This is what steph g thought.
And it wasn't really a problem,they spoke to each other,they sent text messages to each other and there always yahoo messanger!
Meanwhile Steph G met another guy who was really nice but Steph G is a one man women so she considered this other guy as nothing more than a friend cause she had Nate and he was her mr.perfect.
So what this other guy lives near by,he's sweet,funny and,it doesn't matter.He was not Nathan.
But then,Nathan stopped calling,he texted her like once in a technicolored moon.Apparantly he was "too busy".
And Steph G made it very clear to the other guy she was not interested so now there was no Nate and no other guy.
Steph G had learn her story.
There was no mr.perfect.He does not exist in the real world.
Steph G has something to say:

"All you ladies listen if you ever have the chance to run into your definition of that perfect man,please be blinded by how fine the man is and miss the chance that you might have or you'll never get to be with any other man".

This is a slight modification of the Destiny's child song "perfect man" which says:

"All you ladies listening if you ever have the chance To run into your definition of that perfect man Don't be blinded by how fine the man is And miss the chance that might be your last Make him understand that he's your perfect man"

Steph G and her friends used to beleive in that song when they were young but now that she lost someone that could have been the one because she was running after the perfect man,she doesn't have anyone now!
So listen up and learn from her!


Bungi said...

Hmmm... What are you trying to get at here? *giving that suspicious look*

Anju said...

um..apparently, no one is perfect. You become perfect when someone loves you or you're perfect to the one who loves you or some crap like that.
One man woman. [struggling to keep from laughing]

cloverr said...

this is my story! i will write the way i want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and dont laugh! you wouldnt know what a one man women is!

Bungi said...

Oh yeah! One man women!!! *guffawing*

Sudhanthira said...

hey this is it!!!