Monday, May 14, 2007

college over!

I cannot believe this day would come so soon!Ever since we joined college me and my friends used to talk about how we couldnt wait to leave and now that we've left i can't beleive how hard it is to say goodbye.

On may 11th our final year final semester exams got over and it didn't really sink in at first but then my all my friends except Nive,Muneera and Narkis came to stay over and i actually stayed awake and it was so sad...we might never see each other again!Then the next day we stayed over in Nive's and i left that night but heard there were a LOT of tears the next morning.And i was in church that morning and we were singing and i was thinking about all of us and i started crying..if people saw me they probably thought i was so into worship that i'm crying! we go on,we remember all the times we had together...and as our lives changes...we will still be friends forever... amen!

I'm going to really miss you guys!


Bungi said...

Is that you in shorts with the nice butt?

cloverr said...

i wish