Friday, May 04, 2007

the perfect man(part1)

I just realized something...people are more interested in Steph G than they are about me.It is rather sad.

Anyway Steph G has another story(ooh joy!!)but this is a moral story so im sure all my immoral friends out there(like all of you!)would'nt like it.But sit back,you might learn a thing or two.

Two years ago Steph G's grandmother was really sick and was in the hospital for around two months.It was a really tough time for the entire G family as they didnt know if they would see their mother/grandmother ever again.Steph G being a dutiful granddaughter spent a lot of time in the hospital.There,she met this guy called Nathan whose grandmother was also sick!While waiting in the waiting room,they both started talking(he started) and since they both were going through the same thing,they comforted each other.

Steph G then realised there was no point thinking about Ben De Jong well cause he was fictional after all!

And Nathan seemed perfect in every way!Maybe he was her Ben de jong!so what he was not dutch,so what he did'nt have blue eyes?He was still the perfect guy in every other way!

After sometime,Steph G's grandmother got better and so did Nathan's.And they had to leave the hospital.Sadly,Nathan did not live in the same city as where Steph G lived.But Steph G did not think that would be a problem.

[end of part 1]


Wolfsong said...

Oh my God!! who is this Nathan character, anyway? Your life is starting to blur out the line between reality and insanity.

Neembu said...

Hmm..ur Steph G s not enjoyin her life..give her some kinda entertainment..put some songs in ur story..some emotions..
carry on!!!

bungi said...
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bungi said...

Your and your sister's blog makes me laugh. Both the blogs are very entertaining - albeit differently. You guys should consider starting a shared blog. Lots of entertainment for us!

Steph G is so fickle.

PMJohnson said...

What are Steph G's future plans Gitu?!

cloverr said...

who is nathan???she's just some guy steph g met in the hospital!this is fiction!it doesnt have to be connected to my life you know!!

cloverr said...

her future plans depend on my thinking capabilities ;)