Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Greatest Story Ever Told..

It started with a Word-the Universe,
Everything, all creation, so very diverse.
He said and it was, it came to be as He spoke.
Yet through their disobedience did His anger they provoke
Man had fallen. “Go!” He said, “Flee!”
Out of Eden, without their Master, man shall now be.
Their very Source of being, their very Breath,
Knew the price that had to be paid was death.
His people, the righteous waited on their LORD
Their soul longed, for Him they adored.
He heard their cries, Merciful and Just is He.
He knew it was time, for the prophecies of old
The Baby, oh the pure Baby, Mary did hold.
He came to fulfil the laws, oh yes and not to break,
They called Him a blasphemer, they called Him fake.
Oh ye hypocrites Love your enemies, He said
Forgive! Repent! And to their God He led.
They did not like Him, They wanted Him dead,
They would know it would happen if their scriptures they read.
“Abba, into Your hands I give my Spirit”, He cried.
The crowd mocked and jeered as He was crucified.
Oh but wait my friends, it doesn’t end here
He conquered death, satan’s greatest fear.
Victory is ours! The veil is torn, Rejoice, rejoice!
Shout to the LORD, shout and make gladful noise.
He loves you; He purchased you and you He will retrieve
Follow Him, Abide in Him, call on Him and just believe.
Praise the LORD, oh praise His Holy Name forever,
I promise He will not let you go, He won’t, never!


Marsha said...

super one, gitu! :)

Clover said...

Thanks Marsha :)

umapoems said...

Beautifully written poem.Smooth flow!

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