Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Creative Calamity

I've heard it said that with calamity comes creativity,
They say art comes alive when all around there is instability.
When the heart feels dead, the body weary, your mind is wild
You write, you draw, you sing, you paint and it's nothing mild!
I wrote a poem when Stephen gately told the world he was gay
And then I wrote one when I heard he passed away.
A common factor in both instances is sadness on my part
You may laugh but I had a bleeding heart and I took out it in art.
Most of the times I write, it's filled with sad emotion
Or some would say it's just a time spent in devotion.
Take the Psalmist for instance, he sang songs of praise to the Divine
Beautiful songs, but he wrote it when going through a tough time.
Coincidence you say but next time you take that pen or brush, think of what I said.


Denzil said...

Good one... real good one... First 8 lines, and a pause, jus like in a sonnet... If it were 14 lines in all it'd be a sonnet. Though i've jus come to realise a lot of other rules go into a poem confirming as a sonnet. Rules apart, i must say, pleasant read.

Clover said...

Thanks Denzil.. I don't really follow any rules of poetry but maybe I should?

the feeling lioness said...

I don't think so
Art is art....if one pays attention to life,they say....they are artists
the only real artists...classical musicians

the feeling lioness said...

and other musicians:)