Thursday, April 09, 2009

Where have I been?

I'm so inconsistent with this whole "blogging" thing. So much has happened since i last wrote but i don't want to go into all that.
It's the day before Easter and i'm thinking about a million things. One is the passover meal (Pesach Sedar) that took place a little over 2000 years ago when Yeshua Messiah had His last supper with His disciples. When He knew that He was going to be betrayed and killed. I think about His sacrifice and i cannot fathom.
Then i think about last year and how i didn't celebrate Easter (same reason as my christmas story). I think about Aviad Cohen and his ministry. I think about my assignment and how it's going no where. I think about my friend who i thought was dead as i hadn't spoken to him for over two years and who i finally got back in touch with. I think about my friend who told me he lost the love of his life in a car accident that happened in front of his eyes. And then i only think about that. I've known this friend for a while and only now i'm hearing all this and it breaks my heart. It hasn't happened to me but i feel his pain and that hurts. I don't know why i always try to feel the pain of others since i have enough of my own.
Then i think back to the day before the crucifiction. I think about God's plan for mankind. I think about Jesus crucified. About Jesus who died. I think about Jesus, the author of our salvation, the perfect spotless Lamb. I think about the new life we can have in Him. And i think about the promise God has given us, "Every tear shall be wiped from your eyes (Revelations)". And i think it's okay. And i wish i can tell my friend to have courage, i wish i can tell everyone who is hurting that God is close to their hearts and one day their tear will never be.


Chriz said...

you became messianic?

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