Sunday, October 22, 2006

the new van gogh

today i realized my inner self,my true spirit..i am an artiste!van gogh,you have competition!ok so thats a little too much exaggeration but i,after 15 years took out my drawing book and i painted!its so gorgeous!its abstract so dont ask what it is.i should start my career as an artist.i can see it...gi2 s's exhibition of abstract paintings in new york's art museum...or i should sit by the eiffel tower and draw an abstract version of tour de eiffel!i uh,tend to get carried away...heheh..


Sam said...

Ah... I though it was only M F Hussain who did art that only he could understand. Now India has Gitu Sabu as the 2nd best to M Hussain to do the same... lol

Hmmm is the word “abstract art” an excuse term of artist to escape from there mistakes?

Just kidding… don’t take it serious.

I’m eagerly waiting to see your next art work “tour de eiffel”.

Pauline said...

i know this is being nitpicking... but i can't help it.... it should be la Tour Eiffel not tour de eiffel :) you weren't paying attention in French class :)