Saturday, October 21, 2006


ok im right now being told to say something about myself in my brand new shiny blog! bad at introductions....its like writing the about me part in orkut or your personal profile in a resume!well im 20 years young(boo hoo!),im indian(jai hind),im christian(praise the Lord!),and im studying the most boring subjects known to man in uni(boo hoo again!!).i uh,like reading,i like watching movies.the kind of books and movies i read are girly and fun(like yours truly!).well i am actually quite boring but im girly alright.i like pink(yes boongi,PINK!) and purple and black and all the beautiful bright colors!im like a technicolor black person!*such a dazzling coat of many colors,how i love my coat of many colors*.my childhood sorry teenhood or teen years or whatever that ancient part of my life was called was centered around stephen gately.I was obsessed with him.but now im grown up and mature,thank you very much.(NO im still not obssesed about him anju!).
im not a very stable mind is like a pendulam!i can never make it up.i've had as many ambitions as you've had socks.but right now im worried as of whats girl,worry is bad..stop it!
erm......i really dont know what else to put up,dont worry you'll get to know me if i ever continue to blog on a regular basis..:)

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