Saturday, October 21, 2006


Cloverr, clover...they’re all the just has an extra r.No big difference,really.clover is a leaf thingy which is vair vair popular in oireland and the four leaved type is supposed to bring good luck…clovers are a symbol of good luck. I’m not
sure if I bring good luck…you should ask the people who hang out with me…well I guess I don’t and I don’t really believe in good luck.If it’s meant to happen, good or bad, it will happen. Well I’m just your average girl who belongs in a normally abnormal family.And i'm not oirish.


Sam said...

Clover brings good luck huh? Well that’s a fact that I never knew.

Hmmm do you have the recipe of making clover soup?

If yes, then that would be grate! I wish to recharge my luck, as I’m running out of luck right now.

Just Kidding ;-)

punnaakumaama said...

the difference myte be that clover is already taken up and used by some other blogger and so u got an extra R... is that true?