Sunday, January 20, 2008

what then?

I was thinking how sometimes you talk to someone, you laugh with them, you share feelings and emotions with them and you consider them your friend and then one day you realize you don't really know much about them. Stuff about their family, about their personal life, about their spouses/partners, about their children. Nothing you don't know about them at all. And then you feel a bit annoyed cause you share stuff with them and tell them what's going on with you but then they don't do the same. A close friend was telling me this. How she thought she knew this guy cause they spoke often, she enjoyed talking to him, she thought he was funny, understanding and a great friend. Nothing more than a friend but yes, a friend. And then she found out he's actually married (he's from another country and came here for work), has kids and all these stuff she never knew cause he never spoke about them. And she's wondering why. Well i'm not sure why but sometimes i am like that too. I listen to others, i talk to them about their problems, and well i just listen more. I don't talk about me. I don't tell them what i'm going through. Sometimes i feel that i don't need to talk about my problems or what's happening as most people would not be interested. And i'm most of the time not in the mood to talk about myself personally. Sure i talk... A LOT but not to everyone about myself but rather general stuff or common issues. So maybe this person felt the same. Maybe. What do you think?

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Bungi said...

It's just the different way people are. Some feel close to one person when the other isn't really close to the person... Certain people can have a lot of best friends and some have very few... Nothing to worry about as long as the person is not walling themselves in constantly. That can mean something more serious.