Sunday, December 17, 2006

i'm not ashamed!

This morning i was just thinking how i am usually ashamed to proclaim my faith,my God etc and how most other people have no problem with that.most people of other faiths openly say that only their way is right and the others are wrong.So i was wondering why should i be ashamed to say JESUS is my LORD?when i know thats the truth,why should i feel bad about shouting it aloud?who am i scared of?what people will think about me?So today in church all these thoughts were going thro my head and i'm like i'm going to make a start starting with my blog cos ahem,not many people really read it.And i thought i'll start with a poem i once wrote.I hope it doesnt hurt anyone and if it does,hey,the truth hurts!!Ok,here goes:
I have a dream,a distant vision.
Right now it seems impossible,
Like it could never be seen.
With Your grace,i pray,
Please hear what i have to say.
In my dream,there I stand,
Not alone but in a big band.
Who's in it?I daresay..
My sisters and brothers from ****(bonded) jail!!
With torn veils and bonds free,
We sing,"Jesus, we worship Thee".
Our faces are happy,our burdens light,
We plead,"Jesus,bring us into Thine sight".
Have mercy Lord,don't show us Your wrath,
We're really sorry for choosing the wrong path.
Jesus is forgiving and merciful,
If you ever leave Him,then you'd be a fool.
Christianity is about love,forgiveness and its fun!
Come,let's follow God's only Son!
I see all of us are on our knees
And its quite clear the past has deceased.
I can hear us cry,"Thank You for saving us,
YOU're our God,our Savior,my Jesus.
You died and gave us right to call You mine,
You're mercy and love is forever divine".
Now i come back crashing to reality
knowing my prayers will be answered when Jesus says"it shall be".

i wrote this on 03.august.2005... this is my poem,my thought,my dreams.

and well after service today,Billy yesudian sang a song that said Im not ashamed,i will proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord of my life.It just made so much sense as to what i was thinking about.

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