Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i wish!

I was just thinking of things that i could only wish were true:
1.Me in a clothes store,asking a sales girl,"would you by chance have this in a size 2"?
2.Anna university declares they are no longer going to conduct exams and are going to rate the students based on their high school perfomance.
3."oh,i'm sorry dahling but i'm busy tomorrow night,dolce would be very upset if i dont make it to the paris show".
4.I wake up every morning and i don't see the world blurry.
5."Yes,i do love what i'm learning about in college,it's truly my passion in life".
6.Simba is not my dog,he's my baby lion/tiger cub.
7.age/sex/location:Ireland.(it would'nt hurt if stephen G is my neighbour).
8.I hate chocolates/cakes/and everything un healthy...
9.the world is so peaceful,it gets boring.
10.....i cant mention this one here,might hurt a few people...sorry.

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