Thursday, September 06, 2007


I HATE it when old ladies comment on my hair,weight and clothes.I find it extremely annoying.
They have to realize they have only 4 strands of white hair left and they don't and never had halle berry's body.
And i also hate it when people read your profile and then think they know you very well and say you are a beautiful person with a good heart.I'm not!I'm a terrible person with a mean evil heart.So leave me alone.
And i hate it when my computer makes a weird noise and just shuts down without giving me any time to save what i've done.
And i hate the fact that i'm an engineer and don't know what that problem might be.
I'm pissed now.


Bungi said...

And what do you love?

The Mahathma said...

you are a beautiful person with a good heart. throw the computer . you dont need one. get an iphone! and its nice to know that ur not much different from your scandalous sista! getting annoyed by strangers :p

Clover said...

bungi-i love it when people say my hair is nice,my clothes are beautiful!!and i like it better when people just leave me alone!!
mahatma-how is the iphone anyway??
dont tell me strangers dont annoy you!

The Mahathma said...

why on earth will a stranger annoy you ! are u nuts to allow that! any i ignore people who annoy me in anyway!

nothing can beat the iphone when it comes to UI ! but it has it flaws too ! it will be launched in india only in 2008! the existing ones wont work in india ! the battery cannot be removed! u have to send it to apple after 2 years to replace it ! i dont know how it will be good w.r.t the phone features.. I have ordered the ipod touch anyway ... it is basically the iphone without the phone features.... has Wifi ..safari browser...etc etc ...Ill probably have it with me on Sep 19th 2007 ! and are you asking bungi to leave you alone :p

The Mahathma said...

and UI = user interface :p

Clover said...

mahatma-thanks :P
no i dont mind bungi-she's not a stranger

mandy said...

my my, gitu, you have quite a temper there i say! :P