Sunday, July 08, 2007

Random things about me

Here are some random things about me that you may or may not know:

1.I have a really bad phobia for birds.Any bird.
2.I used to believe i was from the sun(this was when i was really young though.I used to get these deja vu moments when i saw the sun,sarbath(this orange drink) and jelebi(an orange sweet)).
3.I was once called by the principal for kicking a guy.He told his parents and they came to school to complain.(the stupid guy did not tell his part of the story which was tickling my legs for which he got kicked.So i told the principal this infront of his parents..i guess you can imagine who got yelled at).
4.I hate it when people tickle me.
5.n i dnt realy lyk it wen ppl typ lyk tis.cs it taks 2 mch tym to dcode.
6.My friends and i used to prank call people a LOT when we were in school.And we used to prank e-mail and chat with people pretending to be others.
7.When i first heard about euthanasia,i thought it was about the youth in asia.
8.I still remember the name and user id of the first person i ever "chatted" with online(it was using aol messanger under anju's screen name,i was 11 or 12).
9.I have a tendency to be attracted to men who's sexual orientation is favored towards other men.
10.I once saw something else and thought they were balloons.And i was not too discreet about it(I was only 10!).
11.I changed my name for a bried period of time when i was in 7th or 8th standard.
12.I used to be obssessed with barbies..i still quite like them.
13.I wanted to be a fashion designer when i was in 12th standard(most of my math notes then had many of my drawings of clothes!).
14.Before i joined college,i had practised the speech i would give when i got my best outstanding/university first/best extracurricular activities/best overall student award(I got none of the above).
15.I used to have a HUGE crush on salman khan when i was younger.
16.My first crush was jonathan knight(i bet i didnt even know what a crush was then but i thought he was very good looking).
17.After watching the movie stigmata,i imagined that happening to me and thought it was quite cool.
18.I played the evil queen who wanted John the baptist's head when i was in kindergarten(I still don't know how they could make someone with such an innocent face to play such a role).
19.I used to have lots of pen pals from all over the world during the years 1996-2001.I still have all their letters.
20.I started writing a book when i was 13...I wrote 2 chapters.I found it when i was 16 or 17 and almost died of embarrasment!

That's all i can think of now!


Anju said...

Hey you remember the time when I wrote farewell notes on the magnetic floppy disks and you wanted to outdo me and so you got some of appa's rubber gloves and then you...remember?? hahahaha. You seem to have a great affinity for these things.

cloverr said...

no i dont remember!

chronicwriter said...

just loved this post..3,4..
no comments on "5", cos me to typ lyk dat..
regarding 9, try for a canadian immigration..
10. i am rotfl
12. i hated barbie doll, cos my sis used to decorate the whole room in pink and there were barbie solls everywhere.. i hated going inside that room..the room even had all these satin ribbons..
15. even aish once had a crush on him b4.. way to go!

cloverr said...

hey dont say anything about barbies!and satin ribbons are very cute!!i would have loved that room!!
why canada?no gays there?

Bungi said...

3 had me rolling!!! And of course, the Leo balloons!!! Priceless... Apparently San Fransisco has a lot of gay men...

chronicwriter said...

But the color pink is so girlish.
canada! You have multi-oriental options. Even a third option is accessible with ease( I Read it. I have never been to Canada)

cloverr said...

india has a lot of non gay gay you know what i mean?

Sudhanthira said...

wow, wow.....honestly, this is like so funny!

i am laughing aloud...and yeah, thanks for ur comment on my blog!


cloverr said...

thanks christina!
my life is funny and i dont even try!

PMJohnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PMJohnson said...

I was witness to 9 & 10 - gosh I remember 10. Anju and me were so embarrassed!

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

I thought 7 was the funniest...

Bungi said...

Hey, can you do a list on random things about your sister? Just a thought for your next post. :P

The Mahathma said...

point number 2: i had sarbath on jul 9th 2007 in great Nagercoil!

point number 3: the principal used to call me everyday .never kicked girls though!

point number 9 : [tsk tsk]

point number 10 : is too profound for my innocent mind

point number 12 : reminds me of my college days when some pages used to look like ECG graphs. It just meant I was sleeping.

point number 15 : younger is a relative term

and dont get bungi rolling !

cloverr said...

pallavi-i think you guys should have bought the leo balloons for would have been a laugh now!you guys were such meanies!i was young and innocent!
kavitha-no.7 might be funny now but then i almost made the biggest fool out of myself!!i can explain later!!
mahatma-thanks for the sure you know what no.10 was about!youre anju and bungi's friend after all!!

The Mahathma said...

anju and bungi r nice ppl! im sure we are equally oblivious to the 'balloon'

dont spoil us!

how have u been

cloverr said...

nice people doesnt neccessarily mean innocent!

Anonymous said...

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