Saturday, June 30, 2007

the rain,the sand and the sea

The rains poured out from the dark sky.It poured,how it poured.The phone rings,it is from my oldest and closest friend asking if we could go to the beach.How long,i wondered since we've been to the beach together.Memories from the past came flooding to my head.Memories when we were children,going to the beach,holding hands,our dads yelling,"dont go too far,come closer", jumping when the waves reached our legs,catching crabs(the sea creature)with our hands,making sand castles and then destroying them,writing our names in the sand and hoping someone from the far heavens could see it....ah,good memories indeed.So we went to the beach in the rain.Beautiful,how marvellous it looked,the rough waters of the indian ocean and the grey clouds crying out.I did not think we would go into the waters but we did(and though i did not have spare clothes).It was just like the old days(but with far too less number of people).We held hands and squealed every time a big wave came.The sea was angry,its currents strong but we were brave.But we were not stupid to go too far.In a sudden adventurous moment,i asked my friend if we could go further in and she said she didnt want to die this way and also she did not have her passport with her(in case we reached sri lanka).And i thought about my life being taken away by the waters(my dad did not know i went to the beach,he would not allow me cos the sea was rough and it was raining) and i said out loud ,"oh no, i cant die now,my dad will kill me".My friend laughed like she was going to die.But its true,if i got drowned in the beach,my dad would see my body and probably beat me saying,"i told you you can't go,this is what you get for being disobidient"(i may exaggerate a bit).

And then we built a sandcastle...well it was in reality more of a sand fortress and my tower was the most beautiful with a viewing place and four windows(my friends would say theirs was the best looking but no,it was mine).The sky then decided to pour out harder than ever and we had to leave.

We then went to my uncles beach house and got dressed(i found some clothes there for me to wear) and then got stuck in the biggest traffic jam this town has probably seen and then we saw this accident and a woman was on the road,possibly hurt but not too hurt.And people got down from their cars and bikes and went towards her to WATCH!They were not helping one bit.If they didnt want to help they could just leave but they all stood around her and stared and this one family came all dressed up for it like they were going for some wedding and once the injured lady left,they left too.But they just came there and stood around.It was was so annoying.

This was how my day went yesterday.I tried writing like some fancy author would but i guess i'm just not cut out for that!


Anju said...

About the fancy author bit...i wondered what you were attempting in the first paragraph. hmm.
About the over-sentimental sugar-sweet memory bit, I'm still rolling my eyes.
About the appa killing you for dying bit, that would be funny. I'd like to see that. It's good to know you both have gotten some sense after all these years.

cloverr said...

what do you mean after all these years???